Normal Typhlosion and Drowzee on the left, shiny counterparts on the right.

Shiny Pokémon are Pokémon that have an unnatural coloration. The coloration can be mild - only a few shades darker or lighter than the original - or drastic. Pokémon have a very rare (1/8192 by default) chance of being shiny, and shiny Pokémon are much sought after for their unique look and rarity. A shiny coloration gives no advantage in battle, however. They are not to be confused with Boss Pokémon. A shiny Pokémon will emit particles and have a star under its level while in battle with a trainer. Wild shiny Pokémon will not engage in battle with other wild Pokémon.

It is possible to spawn a shiny Pokémon by typing the command "/pokespawn name of Pokémon s". For example, "/pokespawn mareep s".

Pictures of the shiny forms of each Pokémon can be found here.

Config Settings

  • "Shiny spawn rate"-The rarity of shiny Pokémon spawning in the wild (1/X).


  • It is possible for a Pokémon to be both a shiny Pokémon and a boss Pokémon. This is typically only feasible through the /pokespawn command; it is extremely rare for this to happen naturally. However, this distinction is inconsequential as boss Pokémon cannot be captured.