Pixelmon Spawner.png

The Pixelmon spawner is an item that can only be obtained through the creative menu. It can be used to spawn Pokémon. Going into the editing interface of the spawner will delete all wild Pokémon that were spawned with the spawner.


  • Pokémon species (can be multiple species)
    • Left-clicking on the Pokémon's name after it is added will delete it.
  • Rarity of each Pokémon species
  • Spawn type (by tick or by redstone)
    • Spawn tick timer (1-999)
  • Spawn radius (1-49)
  • Maximum number of Pokémon that can be spawned from the spawner at a time
  • Minimum spawning level
  • Maximum spawning level
  • Chance of Pokémon being a boss Pokémon
  • Aggression (default/timid/neutral/aggressive)
  • Spawn location (land/water/underground/air/air persistent/statue)

Config settings

  • "Must be opped to use spawner" - If this is set to true, only server ops can edit spawners. If this is set to false, any player in Creative mode can edit spawners.


  • A Pokémon's rarity can be set to a negative number, causing Minecraft to crash. Once this happens, the Pixelmon spawner will continue to crash Minecraft and render the chunk it is contained in unplayable until it is removed with an external world editor.